Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daily Learning Notebooks

We started our Daily Learning Notebooks yesterday and it was awesome. I got the idea from a friend of mine in my Homeschool Mamma Facebook Group. My son was so excited to see that what he did yesterday was erased. Now that's a way to start the day with some excitement. We downloaded these pages from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I really love this website because I get a lot from her site and this was another great resource that I think many children will love these personal notebooks. I've already seen some alterations being done by my children.

Of course, because I homeschool five children, I did all three of the Daily Learning Notebooks, but my oldest son didn't fit into these categories; Preschool, Elementary, and the Cursive Version. However, with the foundation already laid out for through these layouts, I was able to create one for my older son through other resources. This still allows him to stay on top of things as well as teaching him time management skills.

 This is my first and second grader working on their Daily Learning Notebooks!!! These worked so well for them. My daughter did her really enjoyed having all of her work in front of her because she tends to finish her work fast and sometimes I can't give the next assignment right away. As for my son, he does the dry erase section twice a day because he loves the write/erase portion.

This is my 5th grader working on his, but he did make some changes. However, for the better, he added a lot more to it!!!

This is added materials, his math, two folders, one for homework and one for any other daily assignments, stack of notebook paper for his spelling words, and Language Arts textbook. Then he stated this isn't big enough and ask for a bigger one. So, this weekend we are getting a bigger one for him.

 However, this wasn't working very well with Preschooler. So, we will be eliminating this for him and continuing to work at the table. Which is not a problem because now he can have all the space he needs and not get the others upset about him taking up too much space.

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