Thursday, August 16, 2012

High School Free Resources

As I prepared for our second year of homeschooling, I started off really scared because my 9th grader has been in public school since the beginning. Since moving to Illinois four years ago was a horrible decision because he has suffered in the public school system since. We had gone the past three years with attorney's to get the district to follow his IEP, draining our savings, and to have the district strip his IEP. So, we decided to move in a different district to find that choice wasn't any better. So, now it's homeschooling for him, and later found that there's so much available for any grade. I have listed a couple of my findings below. However, my full list for all grades are listed in my Facebook group, "Homeschool Mamma" click here to join.

All Subjects

SAS Curriculum Pathways
Hoagies Gifted Education
Online Glencoe Textbooks-Free
Curriki-Chemisty Course-free


Free High School Education-Algebra-1&2/Geometry
A-Z Teacher Stuff - Math 9-12


The Biology Corner
E-Tutor World-Biology Worksheets
Science Daily


Science Geek-Chemistry Powerpoints


Web Tech-Lesson Plans


Jefferson County Schools-Social Studies
Teach-nology-Lesson Plans
Geography Lesson Plans
Middle Ages


High School Transcripts

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