Friday, November 15, 2013

Keeping Your Kids Busy At The Laundromat

Often times some of us may need to bring our children with to laundromat. How do we keep them busy without running around? Well, Math, I tell ya!

Of course we have many quarters to put in the machines. I had my children figure out how many quarters would be need for each machine. Then I had them put them into groups according to the cost for the washers and dryers.

Now this is my son that doesn't like to Math, and he use to run when I even said the word Math. I'm dead serious, but now that I've done this and lot of other ideas that are more hands on. He doesn't realize he's doing Math. Now, I'm able to do book work with him and motivate him with an activity after he completes his assignment, win/win for both of us!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bowling & Doing Math

Many of us like to bowl, but some like to bowl, no matter how. Well, we have the Bowling Dice Game. At first, I was thinking this was going to be an easy games, but quickly turned into my son beating me in this game. So, it's not as easy as I thought and is just as fun as a Bowling Lane.

Of course you roll the dice and keep score. This is a great way to get your struggling Math learner into enjoying it again. As well as having fun doing so.

It's easy enough for a 6 year old as well as and a 8 year old. I had my 6 year old write the amount of pins being rolled and had my 8 year sum the total in each frame. You can play with to make this into a fun Math lesson.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Dollar Store Great Find!

As many of you already have heard about our Dollar Store Deals in the past. Well, here's another great find. First off, we have a classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors turned into Poker and of course I turned into a more appropriate game for my kiddos. We played this as a game of War, but without as many cards. 


We still dished out the cards until the deck was gone. Then we each flipped a card without looking and played as if we were using our hands to play, but with the cards. If there was a tie, we would dish out three cards and show the fourth card. Who ever one on that, won all the cards, but if it were a tie, then we repeated util there was a winner. The second War hardly ever happened, but a few times. 

As each person ran out of cards, they lost the game. The winner is the one that has the most cards obviously. We had a blast playing it this way instead of the poker way, besides it's got to be G rated!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ink Stamps Are Fun!

Several weeks ago, my friend gave us a several ink stamps. I was going to start collecting these because I wanted to have my kid start making their own cards for whom ever they would like to give a card to. So, when she shared her table of goodies with us, we were excited to get these.

As you can tell there's some really great gadgets here. There's a bit of the rolling stamps of transportation vehicles. As many of our readers that know us, my boys love their transportation vehicles. So, they were on that for awhile. 

My daughter on other hand was onto something else, the bigger stamps. However, we don't have big enough ink pads for those, but are shopping around for those. If you've seen them some place, please let us know. Thanks in advance!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Studyladder Review & Giveaway

We are excited to share this giveaway with all of our readers because we love this program. We found Studyladder three years ago and fell in love with this online learning program. This is an online learning program for Preschool to 7th grade. Studyladder will be launching an addition to iPad users in the next couple of months. That's going be an added bonus for many when that is launched because many of us have iPads.

As I mentioned above Studyladder is an online learning program, but you will have to print some of the material as needed throughout your child's learning. Of course you will need an internet connection, printer for the printables, and everything else is up to your to child to learn at their own pace through Studyladder.

These lesson are very user friendly, works great for all learning styles, and covers all subjects. As you can tell in the banner above as to what subjects  and activities are covered:

  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Science 
  • Art
  • Music
  • Mastering Numeracy
  • Health, Safety, and Citizenship
  • Language and Culture
  • Whiteboard Activities
  • Printables
In my opinion when it comes time to sign onto Studyladder in my house it's like getting candy because my children love Studyladder. Often times I have to pull them off to let another one log onto their account to do their learning. Unfortunately, that would disappear if I had more than one computer, but if your in this situation get prepared to make a schedule as I did to reduce this problem. Yes, Studyladder is that great because my children tell me this and from what I see in our home. 

Now, as I mentioned a thousand times that we love Studyladder. This is why, with the exception of time schedule created for learning with Studyladder, my children are learning at their own pace, learning multiple languages, earning rewards through Studyladder, and certificates. Rewards, Certificates you might be wondering more about that. 

Well, each time your child completes a lesson they receive a certain amount of coins to buy items in the store to decorate their room. The certificates are for when they reach a certain goal set by Studyladder. Once they've reached that goal, they earn a certificate. This certificate can be customized, downloaded, printed, and given to your child. We like to hang ours up on our rewards wall.

Our schedule allows us to complete two subjects a day because of lack of computers. However, I did test to see what the time would be to complete a full course for those who would want to know how long it would be for one child, and that's 3 hours with breaks. Studyladder is addicting in some areas because two of my boys like to wonder off to "Walking the Plank." It's one of the games they would try to guess what the word is before that fall into the water and get eaten by the shark. Often times for them they use that as their break instead of walking away. 

Studyladder has been awarded in June of 2012 for the best educational website for teaching and learning. This great programs covers your child's common core courses as well as many more for a one time fee a year of $88 for 1-5 children. Now, you can say goodbye to those clutter shelves, closets, and corners. Try out the free trial with Studyladder to see how it will fit for your family and I'm certain you won't regret it.

Studyladder has given us the opportunity to allow one family to enjoy a FREE membership! So, click below to enter our giveaway. Good luck!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dress Up Stage

About a year ago my son started a new phase of wearing dress clothes on a daily basis. Of course there's nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, I like when my children dress up because for some children, they don't like to wear dress clothes.
At first he just wanted a vest and I didn't want to buy a full suit just for the vest. So, I made him a vest with transportation vehicles buttons. The tie was purchased from a resale shop. I thought if he out grew this stage, I wouldn't have dented my wallet.

As you can tell this phase rolled into the warmer months. He started this phase in the winter of last year. So, when Spring came he was wearing his vest, and yes with flip flops. Then summer came he still wore this vest with shorts. By now, I'm thinking it's time for me accept that this is his style and he has proven that he's going to wear it no matter what.

From the time I made the vest, I've made a few ties for him and even bow ties when he wanted the different styles of ties. He even made a few ties himself, including bow ties. So, I knew I had to get him a suit for his birthday.

By the time I got him his suit, he was into stylish hats. I don't wear he gets his ideas from, but I got one handsome little man on my hands. He looks so cute in this picture as he does in all his pictures. 

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tree Climbing

We have multiple trees in our back yard. My three younger children have been exploring in our back yard. They look so cute up there, even though my stomach is turned upside down thinking about the dangers of tree climbing.

I think this tree was meant for them because they fit so nicely up there. Even the picture turned out well. They were up there for awhile changing spaces and made me even more nervous as they were moving around up there.

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