Saturday, May 25, 2013

Backyard Missile

We've lived in Tennessee a few years ago, but our children were in public schools then. This time around we're homeschooling. I think we like Tennessee a bit more than the last time because our nature walks are more fun then the last time. We're able to take our time without having to rush to get to the parks or other trail areas before closing. Homeschooling is much better because we have loads of time to spend on the trails.

The picture above could be found in Bloomington Springs, Tennessee. We found this during our afternoon walk. The boys were so excited to see this and I don't blame them, I was too. We would have never had this opportunity back in Illinois unless it was in a museum.

Once we came back home to research more about this missile, it was interesting to find out the facts about it.  We began searching by the image itself because I didn't know much about missiles. Well it turned out that in fact it resembles the Honest John Rocket

It's the first nuclear capable surface to surface missile in the US arsenal. It was designed by Honest John when he was deployed to Europe in 1954. The rocket weighed 1500 pounds and had a maximum range of 30 plus miles with a scattering target of about 250 yards. 

I think was a great find for a nature walk. Not only did we cover Science, but also a little bit of history. Nature walks are so great and our world really is our classroom, but not many take full advantage that. We definitely will taking more nature walks.

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