Friday, March 10, 2017

Spelling Training - Review

We had the pleasure of using a website called Spelling Training. Our youngest son has been using this program for the past two weeks. This program is a free website geared towards Pre-K to 4th grade. You can access this program on any device that is able to connect to the internet. So, great for on the go.

Spelling Training has various ways to save of on printing and still allowing your child to reach their goals. Your child will be able to practice their spelling words, take an online spelling test, use the online flashcards, and play the five games to help them master those spelling words. While they're learning new words or refreshing on their spelling, they're having fun doing it.

Even though Spelling Training has several list from first words to frequently misspelled words, I did a test of my own and that's to see if I could enter in my own spelling list. I was able to create a spelling list of my own and save it. Spelling Training allows you to save up to 24 spelling list of your own, as well as save your spelling lists to your computer.

My son enjoyed using Spelling Training these past two weeks and will continue to use this program. He's not interested in many online programs because he likes things to go his pace. One of the best things with Spelling Training is, it goes when your child clicks the mouse, so no waiting to load once your child picks their activity. My son will continue to use this program. I've also added a lists to use with other children. 

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