Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is a Phonics and math game that could be played as an one or more players. You will need a spinner to determine who goes first if your playing with 2 or more players. Also, you will need index cards with sight words/high frequency words on both sides. There’s no limit as to how many cards needed, you decide. Please keep in mind the difficulty of multiple grade levels when playing with 2 or more players.

First, lay out all the cards. Each player will need to say out loud the face card and if said correctly then they flip the card over and repeat the other side. If both were said correctly, they keep the card and if said wrong, then it goes back. This will continue until all cards are taken. Then the math game starts.

With the winning cards the teacher/parent can create an equation. Counting by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s, 10’s and so forth. Another way is if they have 25 cards then have them sort them in piles of 5, then ask them how many piles they have and how many are in each pile. The ask, “what’s 5X5?” (25)if they have 24 cards, then you can even ask them to divide them into 3 piles and ask, “what’s 24 divided by 3?”(8)You can even ask them to take 1 card out and ask, “Can you tell me what that fraction is?”(1\24)

So, you can practice sight words/high frequency words and math facts all in one.

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