Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Parents Responsibilities

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Our public schools have been losing funds to teach our children. This isn’t new in our community, but however we are at fault as well has our educational system. You see, when we decided to have children, we don’t really think of the future of our children right away, we just say we want children.

Parents, we have to realize that the economy not only effects the job market, it also effects our children because the funds are being reduced as well. So, we need to step in to volunteer in our schools. If you are not able to volunteer during school hours, then offer to help with making a class manipulative project. These are a great way to help your child’s teacher as well as reducing stress on the teacher.

When the your child’s teacher sends home the classroom news letter, read it because there are many great opportunities to reinforce your child’s learning. The newsletter is a great communication tool for teacher’s to communicate with you about what they are teaching in the classroom. This also helps your child to blossom by practicing those skills.

Parents, please read with you child at least 15 minutes a night. I can’t stress how imperative this is for your child to want to read, when they see their parents not reading, why should they want to read. This is also a great way to show them how reading improves knowledge and they will questions on top of questions and wanting more.

The great mild stone is when your child wants to read to you. This my fellow parents is beyond words in my opinion and well worth the reward for both of you, child and parents. You will create many memories by reading with your child and this will give you one on one bond that many Mom’s have lost over the years.

Can you remember the last time you read to your child?

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