Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Ready for the Summer

Start your vacation with a splash
Start your vacation with a splash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
How many of us are taking vacations this summer? Many of us can answer this question with, "Yes, we are taking a vacation!" If this is you and want to make the best of your vacation, driving is the best way for a family vacation. Not only do you save money on air fare, but a great way to get to know each other during the drive. Do you remember all those Chevy Chase movies? That's not how all vacations are.

I know for me I would like to get know my kids some more! I also would like to see America hands  as much as the rest of our world, but for now my goal is to see what's in every state in America. To do this I must have my vehicle to be in great shape. The summer months can tough when there's car trouble or simply no air conditioning. You can even save money doing it all your self with the great discounts from Advance Auto. Also, get a chance to win $250 of free gas, by clicking below!!!!

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