Thursday, June 21, 2012

Save with CurrClick

I received this email from CurrClick and would like to share this all of you because homeschooling should be enjoyable and not cause a strain on your finances. 


Since the economic meltdown of December, 2008, Connect The Thoughts and 1st Step have offered pretty much one sale every month.  It has been a lot of sales!  This has been a part of our effort to help homeschoolers keep (or start) homeschooling. 

With that in mind, I wanted to let you know that June’s sale is our last sale for a while.  It is a 20%-off sale on every course and book as well as every bundle (yes, everything we offer), and it will be available from NOW– Saturday June 30.  These will be our lowest prices for a while.  There are no codes or coupons – just make your purchases during the time of the sale and you’ll get the sales prices for courses, booksand bundles.  Bundles during the sale are, as always, the least expensive way to purchase a semester or a subject worth of curriculum. (Bundles are sometimes as much as 50%-off or more from the cost of the same individual courses!)

We have been happy to be of service in this manner, and we will likely have more sales in the future – but not the near future. We hope that you'll find this! sale of use as you prepare for the Summer and Fall semesters.

You can take a look at every course, every book and bundle, and see free samples o9f nearly all our products, and you can make purchases now at Currclick, at these links:

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