Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Simple Schooling Bundle Sale

Simple Schooling Natural Disasters Bundle - Only 99 cents TODAY!

120 Pages!

Simple Schooling Natural Disasters Bundle includes four popular unit studies for middle grade students.  120 pages of critically important information about natural disasters which are common in the summer time:

Simple Schooling Fire: Science, History, Safety is an introduction to fire, what it is, and how it works.  Students learn the components of the fire tetrahedron, the classes of fuel, what dictates the color of a flame, flame anatomy, the importance of fire in human development, wildfires and coal seam fires, as well as fire safety at home.  There are 3 vocabulary worksheets and a multiple choice test at the end.  Parent solutions are included.  29 pages for grades 5-8.

The Science of Floods introduces Middle Graders to the how and why of water. We begin this unit by looking at the different states of matter, and how water can change between them. We then move on to explore the water cycle, causes of flooding such as hurricanes, tsunamis, and ice melt, and wrap up the unit with damages and benefits of flooding as well as flood safety. Students have 4 vocabulary exercises and the parent solutions are included. 26 pages.

In the tornado unit students will learn about the formation and lifecycle of a tornado, the different types, and tornado safety.  They will complete the unit with 2 vocabulary matching worksheets and one labeling exercise.

Thunderstorms is a 35 page unit for middle grade students who are interested in learning more about weather related phenomena. Students begin their study with thunderstorms where they will learn how they form, their lifecycle, anatomy, and the different types.  There are 3 vocabulary matching worksheets and one labeling activity for them to complete before moving on to Tornadoes.


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