Monday, July 23, 2012

State & Capital Memory Game

I'm preparing my children for our Geography unit study of "Around the World". We will be lapbooking for the most part, but to get some of the basics down for the United States, they will need to the States and Capitals. What better way to that without flash cards and many children don't like flash cards. I printed our map in the picture below from a Google search. For our memory game, this was printed from "We Beans". I glued them onto construction paper and laminated them. This memory game is like any other memory game, but free. 

However, this isn't a file folder game, so you will have to use your imagination for storing your game. I had an extra plastic pencil case to store ours in. I also laminated the map as a guide for them to show me on the map where the States and Capitals are. I used the 3 hole puncher to place the map and plastic pencil case into a binder for storage. Below you will find how this done and worked out nicely.

Recommended materials for this memory game as well as many other file folder games. I recommend having on hand:

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