Saturday, July 14, 2012

Workbox System

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After finishing our first year of homeschooling. The organization was horrible and needed to find another way. When researching various methods, I came across work boxes, and love the idea. I've decided to use the workbox system created by Sue Patrick for next year. However, there are many different ways of doing this system.

The first item to purchase is the Storage Cart-20 Drawers. I purchased this from Target. I have four children using this with five drawers each. I will have other storage areas, such as; Cubbies, Wire Bins, Book Shelves to place the bins on, Label Maker. I didn't have to go out and buy everything because I already had most of these. The only two I didn't have was the storage cart and wire bins.

The necessities are the basic school supplies, textbooks, printables, lapbooks, notebooking pages, and workbooks. These all can be placed in your child's workbox. Then you will need to make their strips to use as they progress throughout the day. These are called workbox tags. I've created a few and made them available in my Facebook Group.

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