Monday, August 13, 2012

Knitting-Crocheting for Kids

I was knitting this blanket for fun. My son was asking me for days if he could try to do it. Of course I let him do it a few times and he did well. Then he asked to do it again, but I was thinking if he wants to do it why not. So, I let him do it, checked on him a few times, but then left him alone after about 10 check-ins and then it quickly turned into something else. 

I started thinking that maybe crocheting would be a little easier because of the different levels of crocheting. So, I found a few lessons on YouTube and we learned together. Click here to learn how to crochet. This was a success because he learned faster than I did. 

Since then he's made a hat, granny square, slippers, bracelets, wallets, and now he's working on another hat. He told me he was going to make everyone a hat for Christmas. I love this idea because not too many boys I know wants to crochet. 

CurrClick has 30 quick and easy patterns for little ones that I'm going to use to teach my younger children. Click here to get these simple patterns for your children and learn with us.

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