Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Nature Walk

Wednesday we took our Nature Walk for about an hour. We had our notebooks locked and ready to  go. For the most part everyone was on board for this, but my second grader wasn't to happy with the notebook idea. This reason was, it involved Math skills.

Once we reached our first check point, he says, "This is fun!" Really, this the one who said, "I don't want to do a notebook." There were so many smiling faces and I learned more about my neighbors.

Once we reached home, we drew a map of where we've gone. This will help them learn their surroundings as well as learning about minerals because my private community's street names are mineral names. So, when we start our next unit study, they will know the names and relate them easier.
This is our notebook we brought with us. It had several thing to be on the look out for, but you only see the last question because it was the most common thing that was seen during our nature walk.
 Ethan drawing his map of where we went during out nature walk.
 Chris drawing his map as well, but didn't want his face in the picture because he had an allergic reaction during our nature walk. 
 Jazlin drawing her view of our nature walk.
Donnie drawing his nature walk map.

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