Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Treats

I pick this tasty treat from Aldi's. We normally do the gingerbread house, but this I saw something different and wanted try something new. This tasty treat is "The Rice Krispie Holiday House."

As I tried this with my children, it was challenging at first because they didn't want to do it at first. However, once the ingredients were on the table, attitudes changed. The shaping, I thought was the turn around for them.

After it was shaped, its recommended on the box to draw our pattern before the actual assembly. However, this drawing was completed way to fast because we were left staring at each other, waiting for it to cool.
So, I flipped it too early because the cereal was too hard. There wasn't a problem decorating the treats. This kit comes with everything you need (just add butter) and makes two holiday houses.

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