Monday, March 11, 2013

Last Minute Vacation

We decided to take a last minute vacation from everything. It was a lot of fun, but very expensive because we didn't really search for a deal. We just decided to pick a hotel that we never stayed at and went. Mostly, because there was a pool. Well, it's winter here and wanted to go swimming. Sure, some may say it's cheaper at the local YMCA, but can you relax after? The answer is no unless you have really cozy bed like a the hotels.

We decided to park ourselves at the local Holiday Inn Express. We checked in with two rooms and opened them up. The kids had a blast jumping on the beds. I showed them how call to the other room and they were talking away.

They enjoyed eat dinner and watching television. The dinner feast included Deep Dish Pizza, Speghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Wings, Cheese Sticks, and Soda. This was the highlight of their day because they were able to have pop and television while eating dinner. 

We went swimming after our food settled. However, there wasn't any pictures taken because I was in the pool and hot tub with kids. I can't believe they teamed up and pushed me in the pool. Thankfully, it was a heated pool. 

Then we all sat or cuddle up in bed watching television. Across the way was a trucking station. So, the boys were in the window much of our stay. 

We had a wonderful hot breakfast that the kids overstuffed themselves. I decided to take advantage of the late checkout. I took a short nap and then we all went for another swim before we left. 

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