Friday, May 31, 2013

Math Mammoth-Review

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The past few weeks we've been reviewing Math Mammoth: Light Blue Series. The Light Blue Series is for grades 1-6, but we reviewed grade 1 of this series. We received two student worktexts, teacher editions with answer keys, reviews, and tests. 

We didn't receive the physical copy of Math Mammoth, it was the downloaded version, but still just as great.  The Worktext A has 145 page covering 129 lessons and the Worktext B has 144 pages covering 125 lessons. However, we haven't made it to Worktext B, but will once we complete Worktext A

Math Mammoth has these grade levels at an affordable price of $34 for each grade level. It also has bundle pricing of $136 for grades 1-6, $68 for grades 1-3, $68 for grade 4-6, and a CD version for grades 1-6 with 33% discount $141. Math Mammoth has a great deal of understanding of all types of budgets because they even offers the curricula into individual pricing, for example, Worktext A for $16.50. I now this means a lot for many homeschool families that have multiple grade level. 

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I began with reading the teachings before each lesson. During my readings, Math Mammoth provided us with references to free online games. This is a big plus because often times a child needs a break. This was a plus for us because we have Fun Friday's. We play educational games and some of these recommendation moved up on our list of games we liked and sometimes she played them when she wanted to just get on the computer. That brings a smile to our faces!

Then my daughter and worked through each chapter together with a small portion of each lesson independently. She still struggles with doubting her answers, but I've seen this a lot less since working with Math Mammoth. So, that's a big thanks to them for building that confidence in my daughter. 

During each chapter, I was used the worksheet maker for extra practice or to help my daughter grasp a skill. Just before we moved to the next chapter, we completed a review and polished our chapter off with a test. The reviews were awesome because they are accumulative. 

One of my favorites for Math Mammoth was the worksheet maker. I like this because if my daughter was stuck on an area, I could generate a worksheet to help her master that particular skill. The worksheet maker does require you to have access to the internet, but not difficult to create a worksheet, it very user friendly. My daughter and both enjoyed reviewing Math Mammoth and with these prices how could I not make the switch.

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