Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Making Cookies

We made Chocolate Chip Cookies today with the recipe on the Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour bag. This however was for the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies, but we made these without the chopped nuts in them because we used the last of our chopped nuts in our pancakes this morning. To see how we did this click here.

This recipe didn’t call for any type of oil, but we added a little to help make it stick, as well as a second egg for this to turn out right. The reason is because it was too dry after adding the required ingredients. It also stated it will make 4 dozen, but we made then a little bigger than recommend and ended with 36 cookies. The end results were the same and they were delicious!

As the same with the homemade dinner rolls, Gold Medal also included a second recipe for Best-Ever banana Bread. However, I did buy bananas earlier today and every last one was gone before dinner. In fact, I believe they were gone within the hour of returning from the store, lol. So, this recipe will have to be done another day and within the hour of returning from the store with the bananas, lol.

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  1. Thank you Jennifer for reading our blog! Bananas are amazing!