Thursday, June 27, 2013

No More City Trash Pick-Ups

We're loving the country living for sure. We've done so much out here and have learned so much as well. We've spent some time making homemade foods, baking, and trying new things. As well as spending time feeding the cows, chickens, seen many horses, etc. 

However, one thing we didn't prepare ourselves for is trash day. We now have to take our own trash to the local dump instead of having it picked up weekly. This wouldn't be anything different for a local neighbor, but we don't have a pick up truck to do this. So, we have made some accommodations to be able to take our trash to the local dump.

Until we can get a truck, we need to take out the seats in the van. We also purchased a tarp to lie down to protect the flooring of the van. Then we would need to clean it out with the shop vac, Lysol, etc. 

We have two options to take our trash to the local dump. The first option is to buy a pick up truck and the second option is an open trailer. Either way is fine with me, but I think we'll start with the trailer. This way we could save up for a truck because I don't want to take on another car note. So, if your thinking of moving to the country, make sure you either have a truck or a trailer for your trash.

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