Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Suspicious Emails

I don't Know why I'm receiving these emails, but I would like to share another version from the same person. Really, what satisfaction do these people get by wasting others precious time, is beyond me. I've used Grammarly in the past while going through college, and it's a great website. I've contacted Grammarly about this email. So, I will keep you posted to see if this is legit or not.

Hey there,

I'm going to be a father someday, and - while I know it's a little early - have always been saddened at the thought of having to send my child off to the massive conformity-machine the public school system has become. Blogs like yours opened my eyes to the wonderful alternative homeschooling is, and I can’t thank you enough for that. But I’ll certainly try! :)

I work at Grammarly, an online automated proofreader with over 3 million users where I’m tasked with finding online partnerships with category-leading blogs like yours. I’m excited to share that I can set you up with a $25 Amazon gift voucher in exchange for including a short sentence about Grammarly in your next relevant post, how does that sound? Please send me the expected publishing date and topic of your next appropriate homeschooling post so I can send you all the details you need in time.

Cheers, looking forward to partnering on this!


P.S. Let me know if you ever find yourself in foggy San Francisco, I’d love to buy you coffee :)

Nikolas Baron - Marketing

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  1. That is the exact email I got about a month ago.

    1. Thank you Alicia for reading our blog! Did you reply back to the email?