Friday, July 5, 2013

Vacation Bible School

I recently attended a Vacation Bible School at Bear Cove Baptist Church. We completed our Bible Study with Jim Cymbala. However, I missed the first day, but he’s so moving that I had to learn the first session on my own. It’s not so confusing because this is a guided Bible Study and he makes easy to follow. I do want to warn you to have a box of tissue handy because many of the testimonies are moving.

This Bible Study is broken down into six sessions that can be completed in less than a week or in 2 hours a week for six sessions. You will receive a physical copy of the book as well as a DVD. Each session is filled with Questions to think about, teaching segments, note taking, group exploration, discussion questions, Bible Discovery, testimonies, personal reflection, personal prayer journal, and of course homework.

The 6 Sessions topics are as follows:
  •   God’s Heart for Us
  •  The Amazing Power of prayer
  • Obedience in Prayer
  •   The Word of God and Prayer
  •    Why Prayer Matters
  •  Creating a Prayer Ministry in Your Church

If your pastor, leader, or member of your church and think this would be a great fit, please click on the picture above to get started today.

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