Monday, January 19, 2015

Homeschooling Through Television With Movies

I've thought of ways to homeschool through television, but there's so much available on there to teach with movies. How do we choose which programs for our children to learn something from? Some may say PBS, Sprout, and History Channel, but I say there's more than just those few channels. It all depends on what the topic that your learning about. Especially, with cable or satellite television or online learning, such as YouTube.

This past school year, I came across a website that will allow my children to learn through movies. The down side to the site was the cost. Now it wasn't an arm and leg, but I just didn't have the means to pay for it at the time, but now this year the site is now FREE. This site that I'm so excited to share with you is "Teach With Movies."

Not only is this site FREE, but can be a great way to just lay back with the family and continue their learning. This works out for many styles of learning and the bottom line is that you'll find movies for all ages. You can follow the lesson plan provided, do a lapbook, notebooking, or whatever else comes to mind.

A few years ago we completed a Shark Tales Lapbook. However, this one isn't available on this site, but there are many other great ones available such as, Finding Nemo, Cars, Babe, A Bug's Life, etc. So, you see, there's movies that my children have watched and didn't think were educational, but there are times where we think wrong. We also use Homeschool Share for a majority of our lapbooking topics.

Many of us already have these movies in our homes, but for those that don't, it's not that hard to finds these wonderful titles. I would recommend searching your local library. The second suggestion would be Netflix, if you have that, if not your local video store. If you have a Family Video store near by, I would go there because they have free kids section and then they have the $1 section. That would be the best bet, if not then I would recommend Amazon.

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