Friday, March 16, 2012

Around the Country Learning

We wouldn't say this was our idea, but we were thinking about taking a trip around The United States of America. This would really make learning come to life, but with the economy right now, it would take longer to save for this trip, but it's possible!

We came across this website Homeschool World: Vacations & Adventures and it has some wonderful ideas! We're going to take this into consideration when planning our big trip. The big questions are locations, hotel, RV, rental, etc. This is the one the few perks about homeschool, you can always learn from anywhere as long as you have your imagination, pencil and paper.

We will be adding a donation link for those who would like to help us reach our goal faster! Thank you for your support and stay tuned because we will keep you updated, as to where we will go!
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