Thursday, March 22, 2012

Handwriting Practice

This is very difficult for a child to do whether young or older students. I have found a way for them to get to practice handwriting and found that they really enjoy writing. Once you know your child’s interest, you go with it and improvements are wonderful. I’m sure your excited by now to know how, tell me, and what is it? the answer is, Pen Pals. I know some of you may think how when there’s internet. This may be true for those who have internet at home, but there still is a fraction who don’t. You will find that fraction higher than you thought.
Even for those who have internet you can still make requirements for the letters, such as proper formatting , complete sentence, spelling, and so on. For those who don’t have internet, well let’s just say you can’t go wrong there, but it’s about matching them with a Pen Pal from an area of interest such as, if they like scenery, then match them with someone who likes the same or from a state that has a lot of scenery. Another example, interest in learning about a certain country then try to match them up with someone from that country. this will get them to want to write and get a lot of information of interest and learn as well.

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