Friday, March 30, 2012

Living on the Farm

Red Barn Drama
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I've always wanted to live on farm, but still living in the city. However, today's market that would be out of reach, with the gas prices. I know if I won the jackpot, definately, the I would pack up and move to the country. I don't know about the animals, but for sure the open land and wonderful views. I think the wooded area would be a nice walk.
I wouldn't spend my winnings on fancy cars, clothes, toys, and many other things go crazy over. I would take an average size country home with plenty of land and build on my land for my chilren as they reach adulthood. This way they can transition from home to the real world. So they don't suffer from struggles of life. Then I would give back to the community, buying a huge building and turning it into a homeless shelter, and funding homeschool families.
Many don't understand that homeschool is a choice that we make. For those who don't understand why we homeschool, well I guess it's because you have a different view as to how children are suppose to learn. I know for me I was once like that because I thought I could never stay home with my children because I had to work, but work is something that cure the hunger of money. When in fact education starts at home and then finished in public school, but when you have chilren, you are blessed with them and are suppose to carry out your duties as a child of God. This doesn't mean you have to homeschool , but if you want the best education and control of what your child is learning, then homeschool. Also, if you are Baptist, do you want your child learning about Muslem
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