Saturday, March 31, 2012

Take Action!

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Often times we enjoy hearing our children say they would like to be “blank” when they grow up, but do we really provide the best education for them to reach their dreams?

Some say yes, and some say no, or I don’t know. Well, these excuses need to end today! Start taking action to make sure they reach their goals. Our children are a blessing from God! So, please take responsibility to provide them the best education.

Don’t blame the school for not doing it because it’s our duty as a parent to follow through with our request to have children. Some may have not asked for children, but when we make adult decisions, we must be willing to take on the adult consequences for our actions as well.

Please don’t take this is the wrong way, but we have a major problem on our hands that has been going on for way too long. We need to take action now for our children and children’s future.

Above all, for the sake of our country. Our country’s motto is, “Land of Opportunities.” The economy today is a result our poor decisions, not just the government’s decisions. We have no one to blame, but ourselves! Are you going to take action now???

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