Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learning with Technology

hdmi 3 way switch
hdmi 3 way switch (Photo credit: osde8info)
This week we are going connect the laptop to the television with a converter we bought from best buy. This first thing we needed to see if you laptop was HDMI compatible, but unfortunately it wasn't. So, we had do some researching. We found that we needed a converter box that will allow audio and VGA wires on one side and HDMI to HDMI on the other side. This can be tough if you don't know what these are. However you in luck if you go to YouTube, it will tell you. We have saved you some digging by clicking on YouTube because it will bring you to the page for different ways to connect your laptop. If you don't have a laptop and want to connect your desktop computer click here. That link will do the same thing of bring you to YouTube for instructions on how to do this. It's really not hard to do.
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