Saturday, April 21, 2012

Homeschooling ADHD Children

A child not paying attention in class.
A child not paying attention in class. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Learning for ADHD Children can be difficult, but doesn't have to be. Many say that they can't sit still, but this may be true for some, not all. Placing ADHD children in public school is the worst thing that happen to them in my opinion because you would have to pump them up on drugs just to get them to sit still there work. However, there's another option, and that homeschool. We have found that after changing our son's diet worked very well, but shortly after attending public school, they wanted him on medication. So, we did try it because he had some problems at school. We found that the child we use to know was spacing out too much and he was eating like crazy. We thought this isn't right, and started researching, but were left with change the diet and medication. We weren't happy with this, but did stop the medication and expressed our concerns to the school, but they didn't care they wanted to label him even more by place him on an IEP. This isn't a bad thing because my other son who was on an IEP and needs to be was cut once the district cut funds. The bottom line is that after the troubles we had with public school, we decided to home school. This was the best decision ever! Some might think, well of course homeschool they don't have structure. Think again people, we have structure. We understand that some have ruined homeschool for some who do homeschool, but that doesn't define all of us. In fact our children go through life the same as any other child, it's just how they learn and how much effort is put forth for ADHD children. Whereas public school can't provide someone to keep them on task, but homeschooling will provide this for them. So, you see homeschool is like an IEP in public school. Much of homeschool history is christian values, and this still is today.

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