Thursday, February 14, 2013

Human Body Lapbook

This week my son is learning about the Human Body through lapbooking. He’s starting with the joints. I found this lapbook from HomeschoolBits. This is a wonderful way to introduce the joints of our body in one session.  Normally, I would have my children assemble the lapbook, but my son is going to do a lot of these from HomeschoolBits. I’ve included a list of the Human Body lapbooks below.

The Joints Lapbook covers the fixed joint, pivot joint, hinge joint, sliding joint, and the ball and socket joint. This also includes a reading booklet about the joints of which he’ll locate his answers from that. After completing his reading, there’s some copywork as well about joints. He needed to answer 5 questions form that reading booklet.

I really enjoyed this lapbook because as I mentioned before it can be done in one session. However, the best way to introduce a topic before digging into the hard core details. I know he enjoyed it too, because it left him asking question as to wanting more information. I strongly recommend only using this as an introduction, but not as complete study for your Human Body Study because it really isn’t a complete study, it’s more like a speedy lapbook. 


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