Monday, April 16, 2012

Little Passports

Cover of "Around the World (DK Games)"
Cover of Around the World (DK Games)
As we prepare for next year, we decided to add Little Passports to learning "Around theWorld" theme. This will be a great addition because of the little kit you get with it each month. This kit comes with a suit case, passorts, activities, personalized letter, pictures, map, and much more as Sam and Sofia travel the world. What a great way to get into Geography!
There are three different packages to choos from; Jetsetter Package monthly subscription, Globetrotter Package 12 mntsubscription, Adventure Package 6 month subscription, Traveler Package 3 month subscription. Each package includes the kit, but it varies on what contries you want your child to learn about. We decided to get the monthly subscription because we want to get a package for all the countries. Give your child the world with Little Passports!

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Little Passports

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