Saturday, April 14, 2012

Savings on Reading & Phonics

Bugs Bunny as seen in The Looney Tunes Show.
Bugs Bunny as seen in The Looney Tunes Show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Does Your Child Struggle With Reading? Try Looney Tunes Phonics and Improve Reading Skills Guaranteed!">
Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics incorporates the research based curriculum and instructional design of the highly acclaimed ClickN READ PhonicsR program. Featuring the zany antics of Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Taz, Tweety and more, children learn to read the right way with help from the world famous Looney Tunes characters. Save 15% on any LTP subscription, including the Family Pack Code:15LTP15    4/13/12 - 4/19/12 

ClickN READ Phonics teaches the entire kindergarten to 3rd grade phonics curriculum taught at USA public schools through 100 interactive cartoon animated online phonics lessons. Any child can learn English, and learn to read correctly, in a phonics game-like environment that is great fun and easy to use. Save 15% on ClickN READ   Code:15CNR15    4/13/12 - 4/19/12

ClickN SPELL is a research based spelling program for PreK through 5th grade that teaches the 800 most commonly used words in the English language. The program may also be used as an intervention curriculum for struggling spellers regardless of age or grade level. Save 15% on ClickN SPELL   Code:15CNS15     4/13/12 - 4/19/12
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