Thursday, April 12, 2012

Notebooking Works

Uganda notebooking page
Uganda notebooking page (Photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom)
After hours of researching, planning, designing notebook pages, we can now say that everything said about notebooking, it’s all true. It really works! We can now officially say homeschool without notebooking is simply insane for us anyways! My boys now get their notebooks on their own and have so much fun doing it. However the writing is still a little difficult, but after purchasing notebooing success from Notebooking Fairy, and we’re worry free. I highly recommend buying this ebook because there is so much helpful information that will lay the foundation for you and answer any questions you may have for notebooking for any age group.
Now instead of researching many hours we create new pages every day and creating our own file folder games. We will be sharing these on our website at Conquer the World join for free to view these notebook pages, gain access to a dozen of free educational website, and personalized t-shirts and more.

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