Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Learn

chopin disc and notebook timeline
chopin disc and notebook timeline (Photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom)
Deciding to homeschool is a tough decision. The most common question is, “Can I do it?” The answer to that question is, “Yes!” The reason I say, “Yes” because we can do anything we set our minds to. I found myself in the same ordeal a few months ago when I decided to homeschool. I had a very hard time choosing a curriculum because there are so many choices to choose from. After about six months into it, I found myself starting to get overwhelmed.  I did some research and found more ideas, but I had to stop because my head started to hurt with so much information and couldn’t decide still. Then it hit me when I watch a video on notebook pages website. Through this video I could see my children reaching their full potential. I’ve been notebooking, but not in sense this website can provide us the foundation. This will allow me to cut out all the researching that I’ve been stressing over the past few months. However, we all learn from our mistakes.
I’ve also learned over the past six months on how much can collected with the amount of worksheets being piled up and running out space to store them. This will reduce some of the clutter as well as reduce our spending for curriculum. We have invested in so much just to get started that we later found it didn’t fit. We started off with textbooks and this was a struggle to get through because they became board quickly. We then moved to notebookingpages that I created, but were more like questions and it made them feel like they were being tested all the time. We moved onto lapbooking and found they really enjoyed it, but didn’t like all the cutting. Now I do most of the cutting, but leave a couple of pages for them to cut so they still improve their cutting skills.
So, after all of this, learning my children’s likes and dislikes we have learned a lot about one another. We will continue with lapbooks, add the new way of notebooking, which includes math notebooking as well. It seems to amaze me that math can be fun for them as well as me because it was a huge struggle with math for us. Since finding Notebook Fairy, it has been wonderful experience for all of us. I would definitely recommend notebooking for all new homeschoolers.  This would definitely reduce many struggles we all overcome after a few months or longer for those who find out later. I know for me it was a struggle at first, learn later, and will do it all over again because homeschool is so rewarding with the struggles and the quality time with my children that I wouldn’t get having my children in the public school system. I can now say that my children will be well educated individual now and as they get older. This allows them to reach their potential above and beyond.

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