Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coco Key in Florida is Awesome

CoCo Key Weekend 271
CoCo Key Weekend 271 (Photo credit: miss-britt)
Last summer we were looking for a great way to entertain our children for the summer because the house we had just moved into had a small yard. When we went to look at the house the landlord made it appealing by lying to us about his property line. After questioning him, he still insisted on it being his. So, we scheduled a meeting with the neighbors whom said it was their portion of the yard, discovered that the landlord was incorrect. However, we did get a reduction in our rent, but then we were left with 4 X 6 yard. We have Magic Waters and Coco Keys in our town and was lost for words because both places are great. However, we chose Coco Keys because it's open all year round and indoors. Which is great for those rainy days. The best part they offer season passes for less than $500 for a full year. However, these passes aren't for all Coco Keys across the country, but definitely worth every penny. This is a great deal for a family of seven. We were there almost everyday last summer.
Upon planning our trip to Florida, we found a Coco Key location there as well and it is awesome! They have an indoor, outdoor, and a slide tunnel that begins inside and ends outside. This location is definitely a field trip worth taking as well. We know we are planning on giving up our renewal for the local for the one in Florida. We came across this savings link while planning our trip, feel free to use especially if you're taking children because they eat for free.

Coco Key Water Park and Kids Eat Free Family Package! - Save 50%!
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