Friday, May 11, 2012

Grade 2 Lapbooks

Learning through lapbooks for second grade gives them hands on learning experience. As well as organizational skills and allows them to be creative. Listed below are lapbooking and Lesson Pathways. All you may need to purchase are file folders and the rest you should already have from your crafting projects. You may find other topics here.

Asian Civilizations
Ancient Greece
Monarchs & Dictators 
The U.S. Constitution
The War of 1812
The Journey West
The Oregon Trail
Native AmericanTerritory
The Civil War
A Nation of Immigrants
Civil Rights
The United States 
The Great Lakes
Life in the Caribbean 
The History of Water Travel 
The History of MotorVehicles 
Railroad History 
The History of Flight
The Postal System 
James Madison 
Amelia Earhart
Arctic Explorers

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