Sunday, May 6, 2012

Making Paint With Food Food Coloring and Glue

Fun With Food Coloring
Fun With Food Coloring (Photo credit: seanmcgrath)
As most of us already know that we can do so much with food coloring. Now you can make puffy paints, paints, and colored glue for ordinary crafts. We discovered adding food coloring to our bottles of glue to make puffy paints. If you add a little water to it, then you have paint. The kiddies learn to mix colors! The kids love it! It save money! What else can you ask for when you take two common objects in the house and turn it into a learning experience.
We have used this for everything and now when using a plain bottle of glue, it quickly gets transformed to a color or a new color. The dollar store is the best way to get the value for your buck. We purchased $25 and now have 50 colors because at the Dollar Tree you can get two bottles of glue for a dollar. The food coloring cost $6 for one box of the basic four colors and one box of neon colors. For the lighter colors use one to two drops, such as red to make pink and so on.

Mixing Colors:

  • Mix red and yellow to make orange.
  • Mix red and blue to make purple.
  • Mix red, blue, and green to make black.
  • Mix yellow and blue for green.
  • Mix red, blue and yellow to make brown.

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