Saturday, July 21, 2012

A New Addition to Our Family

Our friend of ours was going to take this beautiful Blue Nose Pitbull to the pound because they had lost their jobs. I couldn't pass her by, she's so adorable. Her name is Precious, seven month old, great with our children, in fact, she has become our sixth child. She definitely knows this as well. She allows the kids to dress her up, ride her like a horse. My 4 year old thinks she the best pet ever. He hopped on her back and walked him to the bathroom and it was the highlight of my day. I've never seen a dog this lovable with children.

She's is very protective of children. When we take our family walks she will literally stop until the kids are in front of her. We all love her so much! We've had her for 2 weeks and it feels like we've bonded with her since she was a young pup, even though she's still a puppy.

She's great with our rabbit, Oreo. However, Oreo is not liking the idea of Precious. When Precious goes to her cage she will back herself into the corner. Oreo has lightened up a bit, after taking her out of her cage to get to know Precious. At times, I'm more scared Precious will think Oreo is her new chew toy. I've moved Oreo to a separate room at night until she feels 100% better with Precious. I think it's more like me feeling 100% better. I wouldn't trade it for the world, even though I looked at pictures online for about how much bigger she will get, I see sledding at a whole new level.
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