Sunday, July 22, 2012

Workbox System

I had to change the system up a bit because we needed more space than the 5 drawers I had planned with using the storage cart 20 drawers from Target. So, I ended up at Wal-Mart and purchased a file folder box and purchased the hanging file folders. My total cost was about $20 with the Velcro dots, which I purchased from Wal-Mart as well.

This is the top, it has 3 separate slots to store materials. In the first slot in the upper left will have "help" workbox tags for them to bring to me if they need assistance. The slot in the upper right will have green, yellow, orange and red tags in there for the Stop Light Behavior System. The final slot will have pipe cleaners for them to make pencil toppers if like to add it to their pencil.

This is the inside of the file box. As you can see it's sorted by colors. It's also in order by grade, blue is 1st, red is 2nd, yellow 5th, and green is 9th. My children will have the same color strip as the grade level folders here, so that a few of them can establish the pattern here. It also makes it easier for me as well. The tabs you see will be taken off because I realized I incorporate the workbox tags with these file folders, instead of by subjects. It will still be similar to the storage cart, and the same set up for the tags. The need to do work on the left and completed tag would go on the right. I will also will be getting another file box to have two children in each file box because I think it will kind of tight once I add more folders. I ran out of Velcro, so I would have to show you that portion in another post. However, my preschooler isn't included in this because I think this would be a bit much for him.

I will be using only one side of this with my preschooler. This way it will be easier for him to see the numbers, match his number and take out what is needed. Whereas, the other system he may grab someone else stuff from the same number. 

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