Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kids Email

English: Example of Email Spam on my Gmail account
English: Example of Email Spam on my Gmail account (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many times our children hear us say, "I need to check my email." Do they really understand exactly what email is? Often times no because they just think it's something being done on the computer. Well, now they can learn first hand with their very own email account without garbage and exposure to criminals. Kids Email allows the parents to set restrictions to protect their child from all the harmful content. One of my favorite feature is getting a copy of the email sent and received from your child's email account. Another is, the contacts setting, you can restrict to whom and from emails. This means your child can only send and receive emails from the list in their contacts. You can also block them from adding new contacts.

This would be a great opportunity to teach your child what emails are and how to send and receive emails. As well as a way for them to send emails to their family that may be far away from home. My son has been using his email account to connect with our family members that live over and hour away. He has learned so much through his email account, sending, receiving, attaching pics, and sending letters.

If your child has a pen pal, this will be a great way for them to interact with them a little more as well. They will build a stronger relationship with more communications. They can even share some of their drawings if you teach them how to scan and attach it to their email they are sending to their pen pal.
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