Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Active Math

Today was another task trying to get my 7 year old to do his math. I think we found a winner, and loads of fun. He has loads of energy, but a lot of right answers was the key.

We first started off with addition problems with my fingers. I would hold a certain amount of fingers on each hand and he would add them up. Then he would do jumping jacks, sit ups, hopping, or whatever came to mind. I then did some subtraction with flashcards and he did the same thing here as well.

We did our Science with the our vocabulary cube. This consist of throwing the big die in the air and landing on the floor, saying the word, going to the television stand to match the defintion to the word it landed on. I wrote out the definition onto construction paper. These definitions were from our plant study.

Spelling was a floor game. I laid out construction paper with letters (you will need double letters) on the floor. He would need to spell out the word (by hopping on the correct letter) that I ask him to spell which is words from his weekly spelling list. If he gets it wrong he will have to start over until he gets in right, but if he misses it 3 times then he has to write it 5 times on the board.

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