Friday, October 5, 2012

Drawing Lesson

As my son practice writing his letters, he approached me wanting me to draw him a semi truck. Really, of all things, I never thought of learning how to draw cars and trucks, but we managed to get through this. I have included this picture and was amazed at how we both learned how to draw a semi truck.

However, we used the same method of tracing two not only help recall how a truck is made, but also to help help learn to trace as well. I thought this was taking care of what we both wanted and happy in the end, even though it wasn't his letters. He practice those all week, why not give him a break for a moment.

After my son completed his truck, my daughter wanted to learn how to draw a butterfly. Of course, I did know how to draw that. She did very well, with the details, but I don't recall seeing the letter "x" on a butterfly. So, I was thinking that she wanted to know more about her letters. So, I showed her how to spell butterfly. 

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