Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Tennessee Board

This I learned a lot about the different personalities in my children. We did a group project today about Tennessee, and it was all over the board. It involved looking through travel magazines, brochures, and booklets to pull out what they liked. I'm very pleased of the results, teamwork, and cooperation throughout this project.

 My daughter was the first to dig in because she already noticed the animals section.

 My 0 year old was cutting out landscaping pics.

 My 4 year old was having so much fun with the stapler more than anything.

 My son clipped out his dream house. Him and his brother was saying they are going to get this house with their allowance.

 I liked seeing the hands all over the board....

I think our project turned out very well. I didn't help because they worked so well independently. I just walked around snapping pictures. One of my favorite thing about this project was, they pulled something from every subject, but Math of course. They made this look way too easy......

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