Saturday, December 29, 2012

Crochet or Knitting Hats

Many of you that know us, we've learned how to crochet over the summer. Since then, we've been crocheting our hearts out. We started off with a couple of hooks. We were making a lot of hats, but want to find a faster way to make them. So, we bought the Knifty Knitting Looms. This was faster, but requires double supplies. That's not our cup of tea and went back to our hooks.

These are a few we made with our hooks before the starting the looms.

I thought it was time to learn how to do a different way in crocheting hats. So, I tried a Beanie Hat, but wanted to do it in two different colors. After making this hat I learned there are many ways to make these hats, as well as adding designs to them.

This is a Monkey Hat that I'm working on for my youngest son. I ran out of dark brown to finish the ears. However, I think it would be better if it goes on the front of it because the added ear flaps. 

This is an Orca Hat that I couldn't find a pattern for because it was made, but no pattern posted. However, I went from the Beanie Hat pattern from above and use the picture as a visual. This was made for my son to get him to like wearing hats. I can that it was a hit because I haven't got on him for wearing one. He automatically puts it on without me reminding him.

Again, here's my model for my completed work. I think she's giving me a hint, lol She totally, loves taking pictures.

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