Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

As we all celebrate for the new year. Many of us are making new year's resolutions, but many don't stick with them. Personally, this is one reason I don't make them because it more like a negative way of thinking or focusing on my faults. Life is way to good to like about that. We need to think about the positives and count our blessings.

This article was written by a fellow blogger, "Ben & Me," called, "The Memories Jar." This is a great way to learn to be more positive in the coming year. Sure we all have bad days, so why dwell on them, write it down and put in the jar.

However, we are going to use this concept. This will be a great way to increase writing for my children. Another reason would allow me to teach my children that good memories pile up faster. I also want to teach them to express themselves through writing. Last but not least they have a bad memory it will help them release some of their frustrations and very therapeutic.

Then, the next New Year's Eve, open the jar as a family and read them out loud. Such a great idea! I think it would be great to pick the top ten and create something for it during the party time. That will help pass the time while waiting for the ball to drop. A couple suggestions would be a scrapbook or poster of your top ten greatest moments of the year.

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