Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Great Finds!

I started out the day as heading to the library, but that was closed. So, I decided to do some second hand shopping instead. It was a great decision because I found Hooked on phonics 1-5, a floor map, and World Geography flashcard game.

The hooked on phonic was the best find because once I opened the boxes, it was still in plastic. I got every stage, 1-5. I'm going to use thes with my preschooler as he progresses because everyone else is already reading.

I was a bit worried more about the floor puzzle because how often have you get a something used and the pieces aren't all there. Well, not this time the pieces were all there.

The World Geography flashcard game is 3rd grade and up. This will be a great visual for my 10 year old. I thinking notebooking would be a great resource to go with these. I haven't really finalized anything on this yet.

I encourage others to shop at second hands stores. You never know what you might find. I know I sure did!

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  1. I love great finds! I gave you the Liebster Award - I posted here:

  2. It was a very happy day for me!!! Thank you for the award!!!

  3. Wow, great finds!! You definitely had good luck. We have Hooked on Phonics K-2 and love it. I had no idea they made grades 3-5.

    1. There going to be great once I get a cassette player.