Sunday, December 9, 2012

We Got Our Weekly Reader's

We've decided to add the Scholastic’s Weekly Reader to our learning. It was a great addition because we enjoy them very much. However, we began these late in the year., but we received the January issue and enjoy it just the same.

We purchase the Weekly Readers for all grade levels, including the Science Spin. The down side to these is the amount that’s required in each. The minimum is 10 in a pack, therefore leaving five extra copies. By the next time we order, we’ll call them first before we would order these again. This would make a bigger difference in the total price.

Weekly Reader includes:

Lower Level
Caring for Cubs
Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Science Spin-Snowflakes Grows

Middle Level
Our President
A Hero’s Life-Martin Luther King Jr.
Penguin in the Air
Snow Storms & Blizzards

Upper Level
Welcome Back Obama
Martin Luther King Jr.
Inside the Ice
Science Spin-Ticket to Mars

These basically are one booklet per week, but of course my 10 year old wants to do mare than what’s required. He had already completed his Weekly Readers. At least with the extras & ordering the upper level Weekly Readers, I was able to give him that. However, this slowed him down, but didn't stop him. He finished those as well, but I will have him review them again next month as well as the others.

Even though these are for January, they were eager to start them. That’s one of the perks about homeschooling, they can do more than what’s required and get board because they are ahead the class. Now, that’s the true meaning behind the “No Child Left behind Act.”

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