Saturday, December 8, 2012

Enjoy Writing Again

I've been struggling with my son to write just about anything since I started homeschooling. I was given some advice to wait it out another year because when homeschooling began he was 6. He's now 7 seven and I'm still struggling to get him to write on his own.

Well the struggle is finally over because my recent discovery of "Reading Without Tears." This turned into reading into a writing game for him. I was able to get him to use the last two words that weren't used in a form of a sentence. So, basically I now know that he can write at least two sentences in one session. I'm not saying turn everything into a game, but if that's what it takes to get him interested, then so be it.

I was so excited when he finished that I forgot to take the final picture.

He really had a hard time writing unless it was copy-work  He would take a very long time to complete copy-work. If he was writing sentences, his thoughts, or anything he had to think of, he wasn't for it. Even with his journal, he drew instead of writing.

I tried writing prompts, story starts, you name it, I tried it. Nothing seemed to be working, but notebooking did help him if I wrote it for him. Basically, I would have him tell me what to write for him, but I felt that wasn't really helping him move forward. He would then ask me to write it, that just pushed me even harder to set out to find something to get him to write on his own.
I found that help with "Reading Without Tears."

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