Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Classroom Website

I came across this in an email from Google. Its a free website through Google. Just like Blogger, there's layouts available. I chose the classroom layout and its by far the best.
I have a lot of resources that tend to pile up and end up getting lost in my computer files. With Google Sites I can add them to our classroom website. I can add in the title, hyperlink, and a description. In this description I can enter names for which children will use these resources.

Another great thing I like about Google Sites is is that my children has their own page, only they can see what they need to be doing. This helps both of us, they don't need to wait for me to be done helping someone else and helps me keep my stress level down. There will be a cheat sheet for them post comments, like completed, need help, don't understand, etc. So, that I know where they in their assignments.

This also is not just a great visual, but will save a bundle on ink, toner, and paper. I already go through enough of all three. This will reduce the amount of binders I have because even the biggest binder does hold all five children records.

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