Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Homeschool Cutter

I’m cleaning up from my first year of homeschooling. I’m finding myself getting fewer headaches now that I’ve cleaned up a bit. I’ve also started using a homeschool planner. This is something that I recommend using before all else. This will prevent homeschool clutter of papers, files in your computer, and not as overwhelming to keep it all saved in one place. That just keeps the clutter in one spot and you tend to forget what you have or need. At least this is what I experienced and heard from many over and over.

I downloaded my Homeschool Planning Pages from Teaching My3. It’s a well rounded planner that covers the basics for 36 weeks. This planner included most of what I needed, but I really didn’t need to add much to it.

Homeschool Planning Pages includes:

  •          School Year Calendar
  •          Unit Study Planner
  •          Curriculum Shopper
  •          Curriculum Planner
  •          Monthly Planner
  •          Weekly Visual Planner for 36 Weeks
  •          Weekly Planner for Student

This worked well for to plan for the year. However, I have 5 children and had to make a second planner to accommodate our needs. Also, because I added a few more pages.

My addition to the planner:

  •          Letter of intent to homeschool
  •          Website Tracker
  •          Login information for educational websites
  •          Library list
  •          Need to print
  •          List of movies/videos watched
  •          List of lapbooks, notebooking pages and Unit Studies completed

This has done wonders for me this year, including a few additions. In order for me to make this into one binder, I would need to buy bigger spirals for binding. I just haven’t gotten around to finding out what I would need for that. I think I’ll wait until this year is over before changing it up again. Too much change isn’t good.

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