Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our New Schedules

I made a couple of changes this year. I've decided that we’re moving from the public school schedule to our own. We’re now moving to January to November because we love to celebrate the holiday’s to the fullest. So, we’re doing individualized schedules and working with regular folders.

As you can see, the folder has a list of what subjects they’re to do each day. Then on a separate sheet of paper, they look for their name and scroll to the subject in question to find what they need to do for that subject. It will normally be in order unless they decide to hop around, but the idea is to maintain structure through self taught. I’ll also put sticky notes for more detail if needed or a simple note saying, “See Mom.”
These folders are working out great for us. I think the kids are really enjoying these. I see less and less walking away from their work. The same goes for playing around. Most of all they are all more focused.

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